Should I Live in Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City or The Heights?

Residents often compare Hoboken to either Downtown Jersey City or The Heights of Jersey City. In this article we'll discuss the differences between these locations and why you may choose one over the other. 

Should I Live in Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City or Jersey City Heights

Where should I live? Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City or The Heights?

Making the decision on the place to live in this area just across the Hudson River from New York City, involves considering factors like lifestyle, transportation options, housing types and of course, affordability. Each of these areas, Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City and The Heights, provides a different living experience. I'd love to help you explore the charm of each neighborhood to determine which one suits you best.

Hoboken; The Lively Waterfront Town

The Atmosphere

Dubbed as the Mile Square City. Hoboken offers an energetic environment coupled with a community vibe. It's a city known for its population and abundance of bars, eateries and waterfront activities that contribute to its residential appeal.


Hoboken stands out for its connectivity to Manhattan. With the PATH train, buses, and ferries at your disposal along with bike sharing services, commuting to NYC is convenient and hassle free. Its established transport system is particularly appealing for professionals employed in Manhattan.


Residing in Hoboken comes at a price. It ranks among the top neighborhoods in New Jersey due to its popularity and that convenience is reflected in rates and property values. Many people believe that the price is worth it for the lifestyle and amenities available.

Housing Styles

Hoboken is famous for its brownstones, modern condos and luxurious apartment buildings. Whether you prefer a high end condo or a contemporary apartment with views of Manhattan, there's a diverse range of condos and buildings to cater to different preferences in Hoboken.

Downtown Jersey City; The Urban Center

The Atmosphere

Downtown Jersey City offers a blend of new architecture with historic brownstones coexisting alongside modern developments. It has become a magnet for professionals and families attracted by its diversity, lively arts scene, and picturesque waterfront parks.


Similar to Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City provides public transportation links to NYC through the PATH train and ferry services. Its strategic location makes it perfect for those looking for access to Manhattan without the hustle and bustle of city living.


Downtown Jersey City and Hoboken have roughly equal housing costs, and they are both more expensive than Jersey City Heights.

Type of Housing

In Downtown Jersey City you'll find a blend of charm and contemporary luxury offering a selection of living spaces ranging from traditional brownstones and stylish loft apartments to modern high rise condos equipped with top notch amenities, such as 99 Hudson or 77 Hudson.

The Heights of Jersey City; A Hidden Treasure

The Atmosphere

Jersey City Heights, often known as "The Heights " exudes a residential vibe in contrast to the bustling energy of Hoboken and Downtown Jersey City. Its recognized for its close community, cultural mix, and breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and Hoboken.

Getting Around

Despite being a bit from Manhattan, The Heights offers access to the city through buses and the nearby Journal Square PATH station. The neighborhood is more car friendly compared to Hoboken or Downtown Jersey City, boasting more parking options and less traffic congestion.


The Heights tends to be more budget friendly making it an appealing choice for people seeking living space at a lower cost. It's a great location for families, artists and professionals looking for a peaceful yet affordable place to call home while still enjoying urban amenities.

Type of Housing

Housing options in The Heights range from Edwardian houses to newer apartment complexes.

Deciding Factors Between Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City and The Heights (Jersey City Heights)

Selecting among Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City and The Heights hinges on what you value in your living space.

If you seek a vibrant ambiance with access to NYC, and scenic waterfront sights and you're willing to pay a premium for it Hoboken could be your top choice.

For those who appreciate an atmosphere blending allure with modern comforts at similar prices to Hoboken, Downtown Jersey City presents an appealing option.

On the other hand, The Heights caters to individuals seeking a residential environment that offers value for your money, ample space and a strong community feel while still ensuring relatively easy city access.

To sum up each of these neighborhoods it's really about advantages and lifestyles. Your decision should reflect your preferences, daily lifestyle needs and financial considerations. Whether its the streets of Hoboken or the diverse charm of Downtown Jersey City or even the serene Heights and breathtaking vistas of The Heights of Jersey City – each area has its unique appeal as a potential place to call home.

I'd love to show you around more. I live in Hoboken and can easily help you decide which of the three would work better for you. Let's compare together and find the perfect home or condo in New Jersey.

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