Preparing to Move Into Your New Home? Don't Forget These Tasks

When you prepare to move in to your new home in Hoboken, the to do list quickly grows. Make sure to prioritize these important tasks before moving in so that you can quickly settle in to the new place.

Deep CleanPreparing to Move Into Your New Home Don't Forget These Tasks

The easiest house to clean is an empty one. This means the best time to give your new home a deep clean is before you start moving in your belongings. Don't assume the sellers left the place spotless. While it is always nice when they do, most sellers will not tackle every little cleaning task.

Focus on the places you will be least likely to clean after moving in furniture, like hard-to-reach baseboards, lighting fixtures, windows, and behind appliances. This is also the perfect time to clean carpets, steam mop hard floors, air out the house, and wipe down walls before hanging anything on them.

Forward Your Mail

Buy yourself some time to contact all of your friends, family, and accounts with your new address by setting up mail forwarding for a while. The USPS will offer 6 months of free mail forwarding to give you time to make sure everyone who needs your new address has it, and anything already in transit to your old address will make it to your new home.

Transfer Utilities and Services

Before moving in, call to transfer all utilities and services to your new home. This includes water, gas, electricity, internet, and TV, as well as extra services like housekeeping, security, and lawn care unless you have a condo. Call as far in advance as possible to make sure everything is in working order when you are ready to move in.

Contact Your New HOA

If your new home is located in a neighborhood with an HOA or a building with an HOA or association, make sure you have all the information you need to access your online account or download an app, and pick up any keys or find out about any codes you need to access community amenities.

Meet Your Neighbors

Don't underestimate the importance of a good first impression with your new neighbors. Take the time to introduce yourself to all the neighbors you see as you are moving in, and consider going a bit out of your way to knock on a door and introduce yourself. Establishing a friendly community from day one in your new neighborhood will serve you well.

Find the Main Shut-Off Valve

Any home that is connected to city water will have a main shut-off valve to use in case of emergency. Make sure you have located this valve shortly after moving in to avoid frantic searching in the event of a burst pipe or flood. In most homes and condos, this valve will be located by the water meter.

Change the Locks

As soon as you close on your new house or condo, take the time to change the locks. This will provide security and peace of mind, in case anyone still has a copy of the key for the existing locks. During the time your home was on the market, many people may have come in contact with the house key, so it's better safe than sorry. This is not a major expense and will not take long to do, so make sure to prioritize it for your peace of mind.

I want you to love your new place in New Jersey and taking just a little bit of time before you actually move in will make the place feel more like home and you'll feel more settled.

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